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Centerstone Research Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare through technological advancement to integrate research and technology with clinical practice.

The Research Institute has been awarded $130 million in research grants, established partnerships with prominent universities and researchers across the nation, and has been involved in 150 groundbreaking studies. Technology innovators are creating the next generation of tools to transform healthcare organizations’ data into functional, insightful information to improve operations, reduce costs, and enhance patient care. Among the organization’s most significant accomplishments is the 2014 partnership with and Verizon to develop coactionHealth. coactionHealth is a novel clinical intervention that integrates mobile technology and data analytics into a coordinated care program, helping people with complex mental and physical health conditions better manage their health and stay out of hospitals.

The field of behavioral healthcare care needs technological advancement to reduce the 13–17 year delay between significant treatment breakthroughs and the standard use of those treatments in clinical settings. This gap means that a young person diagnosed with depression may have to struggle for 15 years before receiving optimal treatment already known today. The Research Institute aims to bridge this gap between science and service, so the 33 million Americans seeking help for behavioral health disorders receive the most effective care without delay.

Through its work, the vision is to create a future where all individuals and families facing behavioral health disorders receive exceptional care grounded in mental and physical whole-person wellness. The team at the Research Institute pursues this through the acceleration of research, technology, and clinical innovation, balancing technology with humanity to enhance the quality of care while enriching the patient experience.


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